Thursday, March 27, 2008

Meet The Robinsons travels to far from other Pixar films

Meet The Robinsons (Directed by Stephen J. Anderson) is slightly better than I expected but not by much. This movie was extremely predictable. There were no surprises whatsoever. However there are a few scenes that were cute but still most of it was meh.

Lewis is a brilliant inventor who meets a mysterious stranger named Wilbur Robinson, that whisks Lewis away in a time machine and together they team up to track down the Bowler Hat Guy in a showdown that ends with an unexpected twist of fate. The lines are cheesy. Nothing in this film was really that memorable. The only part that I kind of liked was the T-Rex squealing "'I can't. Cause I have a big head and little arms."

This film was ok. They tried to throw in a few twists but they were completely obvious. If you want to see some really great Disney 3D animations watch Finding Nemo or Monster's Inc.

Twists: C+ Nothing that great

Overall: C A few moments here and there but overall not that great.

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