Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bernie Mac's death is insufficient compared to Heath Ledgers

October 5 1997 - August 9 2008

Okay I don't if you have ever been on the boards for but it is a great site to chat to other people about actors and movies. However there are a few times where it can be absolutely disgusting. When I found out about Bernie Mac's death of course I went to his page on and when I gazed upon his boards I could see horrible topics about the death of actors. People were actually comparing Bernie Mac's death to Heath Ledger. Some were saying that Ledger's death is more tragic then Mac's. Now this really started to grind my gears. How can you compare deaths? Is one person more sufficient than the other. No! All deaths are sad and they should never be compared. This year we lost three great actors, that I am aware of, Bernie Mac, Heath Ledger, George Carlin and plenty of more that I am not aware of.

April 4 1979 - January 22 2008

It's not even just the comparison of deaths that anger me. There is one board that quotes "Why couldn't it have been Cedric the Entertainer?". They actually were referring that another person should die instead. We are all human beings, sure death might be cool in movies or even funny on shows like Family Guy. In real life there is no laughter or oohs and aahs when someone dies. There are only tears from the family and friends who have lost someone close to them.

May 12 1937 - June 22 2008

It just sickens me how people could be so cold.