Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Descent: Descends far more into the horror genre

Finally it's something we haven't seen in a long time. A horror movie that's actually good. The Descent (Directed by Neil Marshall) is a horror movie that could probably be included with the classics. I'm not joking it's that good. The cast, although not famous, did a good job at portraying their characters.

The Descent is about six girls that accidently go into an unknown cave and find themselves battling with fear, past grudges and demonic beings. The one thing that I really liked about this film was that the creatures weren't the most scariest part of the film. Personally I found that the most creepiest part of the film was being trapped in complete darkness. Of course, there are so many other fears that were captured here such as claustrophobia, heights and (of course) the monsters.

The coolest part of the film is that it could be interpreted in so many different ways. I won't give any spoilers but I do suggest that you watch the U.K. ending because it's so much better than the North American one.

As for the cast, they all did a great job. The characters that stood out of my mind were Holly, portrayed by Nora Jane Noone, and Juno, portrayed by Natalie Jackson Mendoza. Holly, the athletic arrogant character, added some fun to the cast and Juno was perfect at being two-faced.

The Descent is one fun thrill ride that will surely be able to creep you out whenever you're in the dark.

Cast= B+ Really good by everyone

Creepy Monsters= A Definetly creepy enough for me

Overall= A- One of the few scary modern movies out there. Definetly check it out.

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eileen said...

first comment!!! nice reviews, i especially dont wanna see descent now

Brandon said...

thank you your like the only person to check this site out lol.

carrie said...

Yooooo~ brandon!~ nice site~ =D