Thursday, March 27, 2008

Enchanted enchants your heart

Enchanted is a cute film that is fun for children and people of all ages. The story of Enchanted is about how an innocent and bubbly princess, Giselle (Amy Adams), falls in to a world that is far more dangerous and obscure than any other universe. NEW YORK! Giselle must somehow find her way back to her kingdom to marry her Prince Edward (James Marsden). Of course having no home to go to, she finds herself staying with a single father and his daughter.

The Movie Enchanted has a lot of parodies from past Disney princess films (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc.) but somehow finds it way to create an original story. Some jokes though are age appropriate and may offend some parents but overall stays very close to its PG rating. The jokes mostly consist of the weirdness of fairy tale characters blending in with New York which works well for the movie.

Once again Alan Menken was able to produce some excellent original scores plus three Oscar Nominations. The songs are catchy and probably will get your kids to beg you to buy the soundtracks.

Overall, I found Enchanted to be quite enjoyable. At first I thought it'd be Disney trying to rip-off its past success with all the other Disney films but it has it's own way to add its own flavour. Amy Adams performance as the typical Disney princess was absolutely wonderful. I think we can all agree that we will see great things from her in the future.

Cast: B+
All did a good job.

Music: A
Come on it is Disney.

Overall: B
Fun enjoyable to watch and great for a family night.

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