Thursday, May 8, 2008

Top Ten Disney Films 10-8

8. Aladdin

This is an amazing tale by Walt Disney. Robin Williams helps make this film a classic. The song "I Can Show You the World" will now be used continuously by American Idol contestants. Not only was this an amazing movie but then later on became a very successful musical.

9. Mulan

It's the only Disney female who knows how to kick some hunny buns. I mean come on the beautiful music and the great battles. This is definitely going to be one Disney classic you wont forget. With beautiful music from the young Christina and the hilarious comments by Eddie Murphy.

10. Snow White

Snow White was the start of all the Disney films. Without it we'd have none of the classics we'd have today. Who can forget the way the queen walked down those dark stairs or the creepy mirror that told queen that she was not the fairest of them all.

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